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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

how things will be

today i took a picture of myself
in my mind
it is supposed to remind me of the way things were.
tomorrow i will take a picture of myself
in my mind
and things will be.

i hope things are the way things should be.
but in reality, things never do what they ought to.

i cant talk to you. i cant say whats on my mind. im afraid im not yours anymore. im afraid you dont need me like you used to.
i cried. for stupid reasons. heartfelt memories that jerk me right back to the sad present. the one where we dont talk and im choking on my own emotions and biting my tongue. i cant force myself to talk to you.

what friends?



Lucas said...

I loved your idea of doing something creative everyday for 100 days. It will help you sort through these emotions. And if you can't talk, try writing it all out. You don't have to send it but sometimes just writing it out will help, bring clarity, bring courage, bring closure.

I love you.

FMC-Girls said...

I sincerely hope this isn't about me.
I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever for one split second in my entire life stop being yours. EVER. im not just saying that, and i'm not rolling my eyes as i type this. i am yours forever and you are mine forever and we are besties and we'll never stop being best friends ever and ever and ever. and i need you to stop worrying because i love you like dora loves a map. like the pope's toilet loves holy craps. and i need you like the warden needs a drought.

it's like you once told me... you're the sparkle in my lipgloss. you're the elastic in my gross stretchy nasty hairbands.
you're the cheese in my macaroni.

without you i am nothing.

and i need you to NEVER EVER EVER doubt that ever again.

i love you more than should be emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologically, humanly possible.