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Monday, October 11, 2010

blah blah blah and a bottle of rum.

wellllllll. today is monday, which is poop. but i didnt have class this morning =]. 
i got back to my dorm last night at like midnight from home. it was a really good weekend. 

friday, the football game was super fun because i got to see a lot of people i missed like zach and katie and dustin and jordan and other crazy people. lol. it was the homecoming game so that was fun. saturday, i spent all day helping bailey get all pretty for her very first homecoming. she looked so beautiful!

we curled up her hair and did her makeup and mom did her nails and it was just so fun. i am so glad i came home for it because i would have seriously regretted not being there. im starting to be really glad that i picked a school so close to home. i think she had a lot of fun, too. at least, i hope so. 

that night, though, i went shopping for some cute clothes because i have none to wear to delta chi for the parties and it was absolutly miserable and i felt so ugly and fat and gross. it was the worst night ever. and elyse texted me asking if i was ok and i wasnt and she didnt help at all and aaron was being just not good and we got in a fight and it was the worst night ever. we finally worked things out, though. and then the next day we went to the browns game and it was a  lot of fun. 

we were in the sun the whole game, though, so i have a burn. but thats okay. we had a ton of fun tailgating and daddy made the yummiest burgers and we had some of the reeces dessert bar that aunt amy sent me and it was just so fun.
so yeah, that was a lot of fun. we slept the whole way there and mom put an embarrassing picture of aaron and i on facebook lol.

it was a reallllllllly nice day out, though. breezey and not too hot. but the sun was out. if there had been a cloud or two protecting us, i probably would have felt a little better lol. but thats okay. it was just perfect. which is apparently a blessing because mom had flashbacks all day of the trecherous weekend they went in the rain. aaron said mom had post-traumatic stress disorder lol. i think she might.

so yeah, it was fun. i wish we would have all gotten to sit together but that just couldnt happen. but thats okay, it was still fun!

dont we look like idiots?? lol. hes smiling like that on purpose, btw. just so you dont think hes a grosshead. lol.

so yeah. and then we came home and ordered pizza and i took a real shower instead of just getting pulverized by crazy water pressure in the stall here in my dorm lol. it was amazing. and then we had to go.

and guess what? i wrote an 8 page paper today in just a few hours for my communications class. so there. lol.


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Lucas said...

Looks like a great time reconnecting with the family Shelbs! :)