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Saturday, October 30, 2010


is one of my very favorite times of year.
i just love it.

Favorite Costumes at the Navs Party Last Night:
every member of Clue was there, with props!
Juno was there and she looked amazing (shes in my smallgroup. she had the Sunny D and everything)
my friend emily was Moses
the girl from Pulp Fiction, she looked perfect

but honestly, i thought aaron and joel were the cutest lol. joel was the devil and aaron was a pedophile. they looked so freaking hilarious. aaron let me shave his facial hair so he has just a mustache (we are shaving off the mustache after the party tonight, im so excited! ive never seen him with no facial hair!) and we combed his hair over and got him a really ugly goodwill sweater and he stuffed his pockets full of candy. lol. its so bad but so good. lol.

and then i was a skeleton! i looked adorable, i personally do think. lol. i had black boots, leggings with bones on them, my corset, and my jacket with bones on it and then i painted my face black and white. and Trinity even showed up at the party =] so we danced the night away together. then she spent the night and we stayed up practically all night. ugh we were so tired.

and this morning, i am cooking a lot today to get ready for the party at AEPi tonight. thats the jewish fraternity. which sounds totallly lame lol. but its not because they party like its 1910. in the rape and pillage kind of way. not really. lol. more like its 1745 in scotland. yeah. so i am excited for the party and i am wearing my same costume (and so is trinity) because we just looked so damn cute! she was a witch. a sexy witch. lol.

i will have pictures tomorrow. i dont have my cord with me right now. but i WILL say, today is probably going to be excellent.


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