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Friday, October 15, 2010

a momentary lapse in my horrible week.

well. my birthday is tomorrow. isnt that just magical? im already starting to feel crazy excited.

last night i made a birthday cake for my wonderful friend ART! and he was so surprised when i took it to him. his birthday was like last weekend. but i was home for my beautiful seesters homecoming, so i could not celebrate with him. so i just made him a huge chocolate on chocolate cake with chopped Rollos on top. it looked delicious. so then we took it to his house and he was happy. it was good to see him and clara. i really missed them. it sucks that we only really get to see them twice a week. but i guess it happens.

so yeah. we have great plans for this weekend too. today is kinda a fart because i sit around all day and do sketches for my graphic novel. but that needs to be done. but when aaron gets out of class, we are going HOMEEEEE. im so excited to go home and have a birthday party. my family is so reliable when it comes to birthday parties. they always know how exciting a birthday should be. so i am having a delicious birthday dinner and then puppy chow and yellow cake with chocolate frosting and then fun and merriness all night long. =]

then in the morning, darby has a volley ball game and then we are doing the AMAZING FAMILY RACE. that will be fun. then tomorrow night, back to cinci. we are going to this german place with dancing and drinking (not for me lol. only turning 19) and loud obnoxious fun with kevin, art, clara, joel, and probably others. =] i love having like...."the gang" lol. and then we will probably go to aarons and have a crappy movie night. or something. it will be so fun. i hope, at least. clara promised to make it great for me. and so did aaron and i think hes really determined. hes so good.

so yeah. i hope this birthday rules. i think it might. im already getting so excited.

in other news, i have everyone around me supporting me and helping me through this. it makes me feel better about the fact that they're all i have.


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