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Friday, October 22, 2010

my last time home before the holidays and other things i am wary of.

i had a good friday. 
i went to zachs house
and didnt talk about it
for once
and we had fun
and tomorrow is my sisters birthday
so that will be fun
and then sunday i get to go back to cinci and officially move into my new dorm
with my new roommates
who i know i will love
and hopefully i can make friends
and not be so alone.
so completely alone. 

but i think we will get along just fine. i hope. 
and then next weekend is Halloween and i plan on having a crazy fun weekend. 
but plans never work out
so we'll see how that is. 
we'll see.

i didnt say forget.
i said let go.

but you're running out of time.
i cant do this much longer.
it hurts me
more than it hurts you
i promise.


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