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Sunday, November 7, 2010

the absolute truth (and i know you won't read this)

im going to lay it out
because i didnt before
all my anger is hurt
and all my hurt belongs to you
its yours
i remember the time when i felt like you would fight the world for me
and i meant more than anyone
and no matter what happened, it was okay because you told me
you told me 
that i did. you told me i did. and i believed you. and i took that
very seriously
and very literally
and maybe thats why i am having such a hard time with this.
because i did take it that way
and when i said it i meant it that way
i said you were my heart
and i meant it
and i kept it from him because i told you
i told you
that it was yours and i would never take it away from you
because i promised that i never would.

and im not being dramatic
i just love you
because i wasnt exaggerating


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