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Sunday, December 19, 2010

you know...

i thought maybe talking to haiden would make me feel better about jared.

but apparently haiden has beef too.
and not the fun kind.
the kind where he bitches about me breaking up with him for an hour and a half while i try to complain about jared. lol.

and honestly, it actually has helped my jared depression a little. so did drew. drew really helped.

but at the same time
i feel like crap because haiden and i were so cute together when we were younger and i honestly didnt have much of a reason to break up with him
and i know that
and whatever
but its apparently all my fault
but apparently hes not mad
hes just still traumatized from the heartbreak
and loves me
like everyone else this week. its like they come out of the woodwork when i am in a steady relationship.
seriously, where is this all coming from?


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