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Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Day Shelby&Bailey

1. i love being the oldest child, but i always wished i had a big brother.
2. i hate the smell of cheerios
3. i wish i was thin enough to have short hair
4. i'm really picky about the quality of my iced cream
5. i've cried three times in the past 24 hours because i miss people
6. i miss who i used to  be
7. i don't crave music as much as i used to
8. i love the smell of my mommies perfume
9. aaron is my safety net; he helps me hide from the world
10. i am head over heels in love with peanut butter.
11. milk is my main liquid intake, averaging 3-4 glasses a day.
12. i wish i could just make trinkets all the time instead of go to school or work. professional hobbies.
13. i'm an excellent shot
14. i own over 12 pairs of slippers
15. i love the creepy weird music my drawing teacher plays on mixed tapes in class.

1. I hate texting, but text anyways. 
2. My addiction to peanut butter is becoming kind of a problem. 
3. My best friend is Madison Essinger
4. Basketball is the best sport created
5. i'm very near 6'
6. i overthink easy things way too much..
7. i'm definitely not afraid to speak my mind.
8. i love indie rock and alternative, like a hella lot.
9. i want a soundtrack to my life
10. I want to be a tattoo artist. 
11. i'm a computer nerd & music junky
12. I'm left handed.
13.I miss my big sister more than i've ever missed anyone.
14. i hate junk food.

this is my sister. 
i love her. 
i miss her.



lil sis said...

This made me cry.....
I miss you.

lil sis said...

This made me cry.....
I miss you.

Lucas said...

Love the love
Flying around
Love the heart
Its comforting sound
Love the family
Who says what they feel
Love that they nourish
Throw the starving a meal
Love the arms
That hold us tight
Love our hearts
That burst with might
Love that we are
Just as we be
Love that the one
Who started it was He