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Thursday, January 27, 2011

i had a decent day.

the only thing that is extra stupid is that i realized i have an exam in the morning. which is dumb because we had our evening all planned out like....

out of class
work out

and then we were gonna have a great day tomorrow.
but unfortunately, big stupid exam so we've literally been studying all evening and its just a huge fart.

but the good things are still here.
like this =]
yeah, lol. i made this out of a twenty dollar bill.
dear stumble, i love you so much.

BTW MOM. stumble is a site that you login to and then you hit "stumble" and it takes you randomly to a bunch of interesting sites. and you can have prerequisites for what kinds of things you are interested in looking at like music, art, self help, crafts, science, math, medicine, ANYTHING. and if you dont like a page it takes you to, you just STUMBLE. and then you are somewhere else. and mostly i like to look at recipes and crafts. so i did this lol.

you have to try stumble, if you havent yet. its fun.

anyways, we also looked at one of the apartments we are looking at today.
and i really liked it. i dont know how much missy did but i really did. the only thing that was extra stupid? missys mom went with us and she was very.....supermom.
like, i liked her.
but i can tell shes going to be very picky about OUR apartment.
and yeah, she made some good points.
but i have a feeling that she will be the kind of mom to only have her way. which is really not so good because this is me and missy's place. so idk.
i just need to talk to MY mommy about it and see what she says about it. and we are also seeing the second place tomorrow at 2, when ZACHY will be here to see it with us. so thats good. im kinda glad missys mom cant come tomorrow and aaron can. i trust his judgement more than hers because hes had to deal with this type of apartment hunting for a long time and she hasnt done it in like....prolly over twenty years. not to mention, shes always had money so missy said she never has had to look for a crappy college apartment. and i dislike negativity. i have a vision and i dont like it being messed with.
aaron will tell me honest truth about whats good and what isnt for our first college apartment. cheap and close is the major thing. so idk. we'll see.

i actually took a video of me walking around the apartment and showing the rooms. unfortunately, its like a minute and 16 seconds long so i cant actually send it to my email like i normally would . so i will show you whenever i can. but for now, i will upload some panorama shots that missy took with her phone.
okay there arent as many pictures as i hoped, but here we go.

okay thats all of them but thats not the whole apartment. those were just the only really good pictures. this really isnt a great representation or whatever.


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lil sis said...

The apartment didnt look bad. No carpet anywhere? That might be good and bad. I want to come see you. But when???
I miss you.