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Thursday, February 10, 2011


this project was that i kinda had to invent something that makes life easier by combining two or more everyday things.

i decided to make something that would help with the morning routine of brushing your teeth/mouthwash, etc. the toothbrush is connected to a small tube that pumps in diluted toothpaste through the bristles of the brush. it also has suction to clean your mouth so you never have to spit and it has a water dispenser so that you do not have to scoop water from the faucet anymore. mouthwash also comes through after brushing is finished, there are separate buttons for each so that you can do this at your own pace. there is also a hand soap dispenser on the bottom

medium: foam. coated with gesso, then painted. but i made this entirely out of foam
this thing on the bottom is a nozzle for a hand soap dispenser. the button is right above it on the front of the thing.



Lucas said...

VERY creative and might I add, actually plausable! Well done Shelbs! Sorry Uncle Princess and I couldn't help with this. Keep asking whenever you need anything and we'll keep trying not to muck it all up! :) Hope you get an A.

lil sis said...

it sounds like a great idea! And you know how I feel about toothpaste and all that sort of thing!
Can't wait to see the next one!
Very proud of how hard you are working. Can't wait to come and see you next month!