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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so here's the thing.

i know im not here often.
but i am so busy with everything
and i am already partially through a new project
and i just havent had any time to relax and let loose a little bit
its a hard knock life to be in art school here.

but whatever.
right now i am working on my new project and eating ramen noodles. this is a much needed break though because there has been nothing but constant drama going on in my dorm lol. im serious.
its okay though because i think i found a perfect balance of friends in dorm to friends at school to frat friends. its nice.
and ive been reading a lot of TextsFromLastNight.
so that also helps keep the edge off. lol.

i was thinking the other day about how i hate it when people are bad at telling stories
you were bad at telling stories.
but idk.
i kinda liked the bad stories.

just a thought.



lil sis said...

Aunt Tracy LOVES Txt from last night!
And I love you!

Lucas said...

I keep hearing about that site, I gotta check it out. And Shelbs? Drama will ALWAYS happen, ALWAYS be around and available for you to participate in. OR you can choose to remove yourself from that scene. It's TOTALLY up to you. I really HATE drama and so when I sense it on new people, I turn and head the other direction. There are millions of people on the planet and beside the family that I was born into, I get to CHOOSE who I hang out with and who I don't. Just a thought. I love you.