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Saturday, May 14, 2011

for the love of fruit

im glad to be home this weekend but i do have a lot to do....and i havent done any of it, quite honestly. i havent worked on any projects. and i have a big one due monday. its frustrating because i have so much to do all the time and i will be gone almost every weekend this month. which is poopy.

im confused about everything on this planet currently
seeing as how my life is being inconsistant.
the relationships that i thought were set in stone are not apparently.
things are changing and people are changing their minds and its frustrating for me because
i just hurt.
i hurt about all of it. and change hurts worse
partially because i want that change.

but i just found out that my friend amber from bluffton is coming to UC this next year
and she is going to live with me in my apartment with trinity =]
we just figured all of that out just now. its so fun to do stuff like this. im so excited. =]

yay right now.

heart or whatever.

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