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Monday, June 6, 2011


today made my heart swell.
i LOVE this kid. he makes me so happy and im so glad i met him.

in other news? i come home this weekend.
i am glad to be going home. but im also glad i will be coming back soon.
partially because of bryan and my new apartment and stuff
but also because i know that i will miss everyone else. and theres so much drama at home with everything.
theres drama here
but im beginning to love it a lot.

i'm on the pursuit of happiness and i know
everything thats shining is always colored with gold
i'll be fine once i get it 
i'll be good 

i wonder what it will be like once i reach it. 
i bet it will be wonderful. 
i love college
and not just because its college
because its freeing and im meeting people i love and doing things i love and experiencing things
and i do what i want
and say what i want
and no one judges me or hates me for it. 
im just me and its wonderful. 

but sometimes
i really miss


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Lucas said...

yayayayayayayaaaaaayyyy!!!! That's EXACTLY what college is for and I'm glad you are soaking it all in. And drama will always be everywhere, it's what you do with it, how you respond to it that matters. You can let it in as much or as little as you choose. Love you Shelbs!