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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

right now and sometime soon.

i'm really happy. but not like excited happy, just like...content. everything is okay.
i hung out with amber and james today
its nice to know i have a girl in my life that i can really talk to.
and shes awkward and weird sometimes
but i like the way she is. i really do.

and also, i like Bryan.
lately ive been over with the brinkmans a lot, and thats fun. they have logan and thomas over there all the time so its like a small party. they remind me of my childhood and i just feel really comfortable and its always entertaining. i missed them. and i missed sam and zach and amber. this summer is going to be great because i really know who i am now and thats so good.

i just wrote my first letter to elyse this summer.
and you know what?
i didnt need to write it.
i had nothing i NEEDED her to know. i just did it because she wanted me to. and i want to talk to her, but i feel like i didnt need to. which makes me feel so good.

this is my favorite shirt. and this was a really good day.
today was good too though. its not really over.
i want to rent movies and just relax with bailey tonight after basketball. so thats probably what i will do.
mom and dad are talking about how they will be gone most of next week and everyone is going. i dont know if i am supposed to go with them or not. i hope not because having a while to just be alone would be nice. i wouldnt even wanna have people over or anything. i probably wouldnt leave the house at all lol. just watch redbox in my undleware. lol. that sounds nice. though, i miss babs a lot. wish she would stay home with me. i like hanging out with all of my friends but i miss her too. so hopefully she wont be too tired to watch movies with me tonight. =]


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