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Friday, June 24, 2011

summertime =]

uuuuuuggggh =]=]=]
summer has officially begun and i can tell because tonight was amazing. i didnt expect it to be amazing but it really was and i had so much fun with my boys.
i love them =]
and then i had a great time with aaron =] we ate totinos pizza and watched Get Smart. i missed him.

and i have a busy day tomorrow because i am waking up early to go to the Farmers Market uptown and then to The Mercantile with Aaron and then we are going to get sticky buns from The Dough Hook. then i am going to Thomas's (hes the one on the very left) graduation party with some friends and then mom wants me to go to church and then i was invited to a party. its going to be a great day. i hope all of summer is like this.
if it is, i want it to be summer forever. these really are the best days of our lives, ya know?

i'm really feelin it =]

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lil sis said...

Well, I am glad you are enjoying being home... Monday we attach Etsy!