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Friday, July 22, 2011

i hate it when trinity is sad.

especially on her birthday. today is her birthday.
but i will see her sunday and we will order pizza and have a slumber party with amber at our new apartment =D
we are going to bring junk food and speakers and ambers bringing an air mattress. it will be quite lovely.
and i get to see bryan. which i am nervous about, actually. but i suppose i will live =]

im really excited to move back to cincinnati but i think i should get on top of seeing people here before i run back there. i havent really been hanging out with people like i should. soon i wont be able to and that will bum me out. it was nice to be reassured that time doesnt really change my relationship with these people though. these friendships last apparently. =]

im also excited to decorate the apartment though. thats what im most excited for. tomorrow i have to start packing all my crap up into the suburban because thats the car im driving down, which is totally going to suuuuccckkk, but oh well. gotta do what i gotta do. hopefully i dont wreck. oooh, or mistake nyquil for dayquil again like that one time i had a cold. i drove two and a half hours all drugged up on nyquil and i couldnt understand why i was falling asleep and i could see anything lol. then when i got there, i passed out for three hours. lol. weirdest thing ever.

anyways, i think this trip will be good for me. its nice to be old enough to kinda make choices like this =]

oh, and i switched my gauges. =] so thats going smoothly this time. i really like it. its easier than i thought it would be. i mean, it hurts sometimes, but thats not so bad.


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