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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

oh geeze.

what have i gotten myself into?
why does everything have to be so complicated. lol.

whatever. okay so right now im actually happy and whether or not it makes everyone else happy, i think im just going to stick with that. right now i just need to be myself and figure myself out and stop apologizing for whether or not that inconveniences anyone else. i cant just sit around doing something because its fair for everyone else. sometimes i just need to take care of myself.
yesterday was July 4th.
and it was pretty good. i didnt see many people i knew at all and i got really burnt at grans but i dont mind too much because i got some sun and i swam and it was really fun, actually. =] 
this morning i had a conversation i really needed to have with someone. it was good to just kinda recognize some stuff thats been going on lately. it doesnt necessarily make things any easier, but thats okay. 
and today, i think im going to take pictures for etsy, then im not sure what else. tonight im watching a movie with bailey once she is done with basketball. its been really nice to spend time with her and stuff. =] shes my best friend.

and know what else? well. i cant say that, i guess. but i will say this...
sometimes the things i think i want more than anything
are absolutely worthless and i realize later that they suck.
and that i shouldnt have wasted my time pining after them to begin with.
because they arent the person you used to know.


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lil sis said...

yup... thats true sweetie. I love you,