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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i'm a big kid now

so im acting like one by making an important decision. i mean, maybe not to everyone else. but to me its a big deal because it means i have to swallow my pride. which is something im not very good at doing.

he really is my best friend. i love him =]
he helped everything be great last night and it was so good to see him for a night before he had to go back to school. sigh.

well right now i am in tennessee with my family and we are spending a long weekend at amy's cabin before school starts for them. i, myself, still have over a month before classes start. haha. so thats nice.
its chilly in here.

im feeling a little better about stuff but honestly i still feel confused and unhappy most of the time. i feel like no one in my life measures up to what they should be. i want someone to swoop in and teach me what happiness is. i dont think thats how it works, but i like to believe in that fairy tale. i want pretty woman. minus the prostitution. well, hell. the prositution if it means i get a rich hottie with a personality that is everything i want. ha.

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