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Sunday, November 20, 2011

all i wanted

i came home this weekend to see my family and hang out with my aunt because she is never in town. all i wanted was to relax and try to forget how horribly stressed and difficult my life has been lately. but apparently not.
i should have just stayed in cincinnati this weekend because now, not only am i still stressed about the fact that i didnt get any project work done this weekend, but i barely got to see my aunt, i had to put up with doing stupid shit for everyone all weekend, i didnt get to spend any time with bailey because her rude new boyfriend was around all the time, and i lost my phone. so now i have no money, a crappy broken phone that i can barely text on because the buttons are so small, and a wasted weekend.
honestly i just want to leave now and not say goodbye to anyone and cry the entire trip home.

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