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Sunday, November 27, 2011

im tired

but not like sleepy tired. like...bored and lonely and frustrated tired.
i have a lot to do this week.

idk. nothing seems alright.

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Lucas said...

Baby. I love you. And I say this with love in my heart. I get that a blog is like a tiny sliver of your life. I get that it's not a true reflection of you. But you are young and I have a few years on you. May I suggest, if feeling like this starts to overwhelm you, find a therapist to talk to, to let it all out with, to help you sort through some things and to maybe try some anitdepressants. I used to think that those drugs and seeking a therapist were only for the weak but as I've grown older I realized that finding yourself and undertanding yourself and taking excellent care of yourself is one of the most worthwhile journeys. Investing in yourself, no matter what form that takes for you is always a worthwhile investment. Stepping off soapbox now. I love you.