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Saturday, December 10, 2011

i feel a little bit better

im actually kind of just excited to be going home now. im excited to see all my friends. im also really excited christmas is coming up. i want to get everyone something really nice for christmas so ive been doing some online shopping and such. =] lets hope i find perfect gifts.

i always have problems finding stuff for my father though.
i am googling good gifts to give a dad for christmas and this list seriously has "autobiography journal" and "personalized bath robe" on it.

good god. lol. i need MAN gift ideas, not the golden girls secret santa gifts.

oh, and heres my new art project. its my metals project. i havent come up with a title for it yet, but im still thinking.

i apologize for how crappy this picture is. anyways, its a hot air balloon made from metal rods that i bent using the forge and then welded together. i then cut and sewed together a covering made from canvas and attached the bottom half of it and strung it from the ceiling.
 the bottles and cloud of metal wire are conceptual. guess which ones filled with spit! lol.

mmmmk well i think im finally heading to bed.


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