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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i was riddled with stress this weekend

and disappointment but thats something different entirely. i only have to exams, one online and one on wednesday. the wednesday one is going to be really tough for me.

aside from that....i finished both of my studio critiques. =] they went really well. and other big events in my life are going alright. i had an emotional breakdown with dustin yesterday that made me realize a bunch of stuff about myself. its really good to be able to discuss my artwork with people who know what they are talking about and are interested in me and my process. i guess its like...i don't get to have these discussions very often. i usually refuse to even go there with people because its not worth explaining things to them when i know they won't understand.

also, he said i was frighteningly intelligent. he said he didnt know it until the other day and he realized and he was like woah. i think it crept up on him. that made me happy. then he said other nice stuff that made me feel good, in conversation. it was a really good talk.

and now i just showered and i have to get ready to go up to sculpture studio for a breakfast/cleanup which should be really fun


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