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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First-Time Blogging Blues

Being a beginner at this, im not so sure what to talk about. I keep a handwritten journal, but i suppose this isn't quite the same. alright, here we go.

This weekend led the way for my ever-active life lately (not), when Aaron (my 20 year old boyfriend of 5 1/2 months now) took me out to dinner at The Bistro, in Lima. It was beautiful, and i even bought a new dress (because we don't go out to nice places often and i got a little excited =]) and a new sweater. It was nice to spend some time together in a setting that didnt smell like tacos or cheeseburgers and where i was not wearing a sweatshirt, like i almost always am. I'm not sure how wide-spread the restaraunt goes, but if you have a chance to go so. its not overly fancy (you know...the kind where you feel like unfolding the napkin is a deadly sin), the food is very good, and the people are friendly (it also helps that they understand that i may not necessarily "eat with utensils" and that my boyfriend doesn't really "know what a salad fork is" haha).

So that was my night of class. The rest of this week will also have a taste of that certain element in it, as Aaron comes home yet again this weekend, and we attend the school play then watch Phantom of The Opera together. 'Woo' for the arts. =]

And at that, i leave to attend Middle School Campus Life, a local youth group that i am a small-group leader at. Cheers.


Momo said...

Yipee. I am your first follower. I have never been anyones first anything. You rock. See you soon

Amber said...

welcome to the blog-o-sphere!

The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

welcome welcome! look forward to you blogging!

Max's Dream said...

Hey Miss Daisy, so glad to see you joined the e-chorus. We love hearing about you and what you are doing. It's been great keeping up with Lucas that way and now most of my kids are also blogging along. So glad to have you on the ride.

Secret to eating in a fancy place: Start on the outside and work your towards the plate. When those are all used, go to the ones at the top for dessert. Or just use your fingers and forget about it because afterall, you are paying the bill and can do what you want.

Uncle Don

Maxanna said...

Hello Miss Daisy, The dinner sounds great- And we are looking forward to meeting Aaron when we return to Ohio (and I happen to know a big, old house that always has a room waiting for a wonderful niece to visit). Aunt Max

Nurse Horrible said...

And, and!!!, don't tell your mom, but you can come to NYC and visit Sharon and I too!

When I go to fancy restaurants, I always just eat with my hands, because that's what my dad taught me to do. I think the food tastes just a bit better that way.