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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Saga that is High School

I used to swear against drama in school and with my friends and, well..pretty much every situation. A girly fight would break out and i would have none of it. But as i get older and my list of friends grows smaller and smaller because my best friend(left) is the only person i ever hang out with or, well, talk to.....i realize that i should soak up all the messy ridiculousness that i can because after high school there will most likely be a significantly lower amount. as long as im not directly involved, its like crack. Watching the arguments and the explosions of emotion come from every end of a room, practically drooling from the side of my mouth because i cant keep up with all the new twists, as if i was sitting on my couch with a bowl of popcorn watching the newest episode of Desperate Housewives, or something. is this bad? possibly. but you only get a few years of highschool, which to most would be a few too many. but for me, its like a constant strand of entertainment and a very convenient storage for a million people to talk to every day. so cool with it.

Then on the other hand (theres infinite amounts of 'other hands' to everything i say, im noticing), i wouldnt mind crawling into my bed and staying there for the rest of these next two years. theres so many things i always dreamed of doing and being when i got to this age that havent happened. i always pictured myself smiling with a sense of belonging as this huge aura around me at all times. and gee. that hasn't happened. i guess thats not something i can be very upset over, though. nothing is ever really as amazing as you picture it. when you picture something great, theres an excitement that comes along with the planning and imagining. it takes whatever you're thinking about and places it in butter and rolls it around in magic and then shuts it up in a box so none of it can get out. weird, right? well whatever. it makes everything so awesome seeming and then when it happens, your like 'oh...well this was awful fun to imagine.' but its just...idk. when things go wrong, no matter how many times it happens to me, it always kills me. so theres my rant i guess.
there are things in this world
that i dont understand
like love, war, gravity,
or the lay of the land
but all of these remain mysteries
though one thing is for sure
you are worth living for.


The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

You are an amazing writer-keep it coming!

The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

Also, I like the police car in the background:)

Maxanna said...

What a wonderful treat to wake up on the left side of the world here in San Fran and read your blog for the first time. I am so excited. You are an excellent writer- and have a way of communicating that carried me across the mountains and plains to a small town in Ohio and a very special niece. Thanks so much for taking the time- and trouble- and energy- to write this blog. I'm already a committed reader of your blog. Aunt Max

Max's Dream said...

You may think your not making progress, but just reading this lets me know that you really are. High School should be the best time of your life - so far. College will be far better. So soak it up, enjoy it, ride the bumps, and take it all in. Be a participant, not an observer. One of my best friends once told me that life isn't a rehearsal. I've relayed that message onto lots of other and it has been one of the best pieces of advice I have received or given. If I were younger and used the common vernacular, I would say: "you rock girl".

Lucas said...

Your AAR is the QUEEN of glorifying situations; how GREAT it's going to be, how WONDERFUL all the people in her family are, how much FUN this trip or that job is going to be. While you may hold things up too high only to feel disappointment later I will tell you this, that intial optimism is WAY better than being an know where you think everything is just doom and gloom and you are never surprised when things go wrong. That's just no way to live. Constantly looking up at that little black raincloud overhead must be so depressing and so exhausting. So be thankful for your rose colored glasses. They keep you looking up for the sun instead of always expecting the rain. I love you bunches!

Amber said...

i had my fair share of girl drama in high school (not fun) and eventually i realized that it doesn't matter so good for you for just watching it from the sidelines with your bowl of popcorn.

Nurse Horrible said...

Wow, Shelby. Wow. This is beautiful! I might just have to nominate you for a blogging award!