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Sunday, June 20, 2010

a canopy of sweatpants.

well today was significantly better than death.
so thats good. lol. it was fathers day and that was nice except my dad was gone at baileys games all day and i was at home watching Desperate Housewives with aaron, watching darby and lucas. so whatever. when they got home we had dinner together, though. we also walked to the iced cream place and got some. that was delicious. we met some weird friends there and that was interesting. i hadnt seen them in a while, so that was nice.
and other than that, this weekend has been slowely going by. friday night, elyse and i stayed up all night watching jerry springer. no joke. she had 36 episodes on her Tvo and we watched a good chunk. but seriously, an all nighter. i didnt go to sleep until 10 am, after she left for interlochen.just so you know...interlochen is this arts camp thing. its prestigeous and a big deal. but her parents work there cause they are big time music thugs. yeah, i said it. thugs. so elyse and all of them go up to michigan for a month and a half every summer and ruin my life. seriously. it sucks. cause i dont tend to hang out with any other girls really. they make me uncomfortable. so shes gone and i twiddle my thumbs until she returns.
and what really sucks about that is that she loves it up there. and i know she barely misses me cause she has this stupid other best friend up there who is just apparently so great. her mom said that i was practically their fourth child the other day. and i am. but then she was like "well, you are in the autumn and winter. but not in the summer and spring. then we have a different fourth child". and it was just dumb because i wanted to be like HELLO. YOU GUYS ARE ONLY THERE FOR LIKE A MONTH, its not that big of a deal. and also. no. i am not seasonal, thank you very much. farts. jealous much? whatever.
anyways, rant over.
ooooh! i have a really cute picture of me and buggy at gramas.
ugh its sideways. i hate that. i'll fix it later. whatever.
anyways. grama is on this whole knitting hats kick because she apparently just learned to make them. and even though it was totally 75 degrees, we wore our cute new ones. lol. i love mine. its so big and cozy. i think baileys was the best but it looks way better on her light brown hair than it does on my dark hair. so i let her have it. ARENT I A GREAT SISTER? i am. i know you are all thinking it.
so yeah, we were swimming at gramas house. aaron and elyse and all our cousins were there too. it was a lot of fun, actually. this past week was good, getting lots of people together before the summer. and it worked out really well. friday night, elyse and aaron and my friend zach and i all spent a whole night making/eating home made macaroni and cheese and tollhouse cookies and watching the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. and i reallllllllly hope the movie is as amazing as i hope it is because we are obsessed with this cartoon. i know, nerdy right? whatever. i love it. its like anime, but not anime.
sheesh. its three in the morning.
well i love you all. all=like two people who ever read my blabbering. lol.
more love for you two i guess. lol.


Lucas said...

I love reading your blabbering yammeryness! And I didn't know Beets was kniting, that's awesome! I knit too. Sorry Elise is gone Shelbs. Maybe your loss will be my gain if having her gone means you'll be blogging more. I sent you an invite to my blog by the way. :) LOVE YOU!!!!

Maxanna said...

Love the hats! It looks great on you- and you definitely are going to need it walking across campus!
And the "day at the pool" sounds like so much fun:)

Don said...

Blabbering yammeryness??? OK it is a bit unstructured, not exactly the one page memo with an introduction,three main points and a conclusion. Nonetheless, keep on blogging and we will keep reading.


FMC-Girls said...

Shelb, clearly more than two people read your blog, clearly. Did I say that twice? Whatever. Greetings from the U.P.
(You know Imma gangsta thug)
Oh, dear God, I'll regret this comment later.