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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

feelin' peachy.

today is a decent day.
and by decent i mean whatever.
but i feel good, so thats okay. right now i am watching That 70's Show with pretty much my entire family. its nice actually. aaron is hanging out with his little brother nate. they are so cute.
but you know whats cuter?
new ones.
ones that should have arrived in the mail today but didn't.
ones that will arrive tomorrow or else. 
whatever. anyways. im so excited to be getting one but now that its supposed to be getting here this week, im just anxious. its time to have one, it really is. =].

<--------yeah. work today. and actually part of it WASN'T lame because there was this huge storm. it only lasted like 20 minutes. and when i got to work it was 95 degrees outside...then an hour later it was 92 degrees. and then within six minutes, it was 74 degrees. crazy, right? and there was 50 mile an hour winds. it blew the front door of the store open wide and also blew some weird papers into the counter. and that is honestly the excitement of my day. except now im ordering jeans online. mostly because they dont fit me from the store. i need to be able to have a wide variety of sizes and lengths....although mostly i linger between Fat and Extra Fat. usually the Fat suffices, bu]t not always. anyways. its really dumb to have to order them but i am so picky about clothes and also i have a strange jeans-body. so bleeghhh.
aaron and i went biking together yesterday though. =] it was actually really fun. we didn't go long. it was maybe an hour or so. but it was fun. he's cute when he's sweaty haha. also i am excited for us to be getting a little color finally. we are too white for our own good.
i feel like this summer might be starting to get good, too. today was my last day of work for this week and tomorrow is FREEEEE. and also i probably will get my laptop tomorrow. and aaron will spend forever tinkering with it like a little boy with iced cream and start wars figurines. haha. but seriously, i am SO excited to have my own laptop. i feel like this.....
yeah, thats lucas. haha. anyways, i'm going to be able to watch instant movies on netflix and all sorts of things from my room! and i wont be fighting anyone else for use of it cause its mine. and that sounds awesome.

oh hey! something else exciting is totally happening and i forgot all about it! =] i taught myself to make hats. i am crocheting, not knitting, because honestly, i prefer to crochet. i feel like with crocheting, you are a lot more free to create your own patterns. which is what i do. so thats good. anyways, here is my very first hat that i made for my friend zach! i think darby and my friend sam are next because their birthdays are the same day, the 30th of june. and thats soon. so i'm going to go ahead and take care of them =]. i mean....its summer but whatever.  
so thats it! its reeeaallly bright green. like twice as bright as it looks in the picture. but he loves green so its totally okay. he loves it, i think. i hope so.

well. i am currently watching Van Helsing with my dad and its starting to pay more attention to it than i am to writing.

i love it how fantasy enthralls me
i love it when he surprises me
i love it where the grass is greener than i ever thought it could be.


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Maxanna said...

I love the hat! Great job! I crocheted when I was young- but knitting seems to fit better with my "old" self.
And Don and I got caught in the storm with the grandkids- we had been out bike riding and had stopped for lunch and just as we were getting back on the bike the winds blew- and the sky opened- and we stood under and awning until we were finally rescued by our daughter-in-law! An Amazing Storm!