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Friday, June 25, 2010

a day in the life.

today is one of those days where i feel pissed off and i have no reason to be. at all.
but thats okay. its a good day. im currently sitting on my couch in a towel watching Malcom In The Middle. isn't that stupid? lol. yeah it really is. but thats okay.
wanna know why? because my precious baby brother lost his first tooth today.
mom wanted to just pull it out. but thats not how you treat a first tooth! i remember having teeth come out. they hurt if you pull them before they are ready. you have to just play with them.
and since lucas is kind of a delicate flower, i had to play with it for him. so i spent twenty minutes this morning spinning it around and bending it back and forth while mom crouched nearby like a hungry tiger with pliers. BUT it came right out after a bit. and he didnt even notice it came out, at first. silly boy.
anyways, it was fun. i miss having teeth come out. i guess i'll have to wait about sixty years. =]
so yeah, its pretty cool. other exciting things:
1. i WOULD be writing this from my new laptop. however, SOMEONE (me) slept in until 1pm and missed the fedex truck that knocked on the door. which sucks. i could have it right now. so then i called the fedex place and i was going to go pick it up today but the lady was like....
"okay, honey, so we close at eight tonight and you can pick it up wheneva." with this horrid accent from like the south?  i dont know. but it was horrid. and i was like "well, you see, its currently in his truck. so when will he be back there." and she was like "oh, oh oh. let me check that for you. ummmm his estimated time of arrival is eight o'clock tonight. oh, my. that won't do, will it." and i was like NO. so i guess i have to either pick it up tomorrow or wait until monday. which is stupid. i want it now.
2. i got Jonna's Motocross Jersey in the mail yesterday. it fits perfectly and looks pretty good on me too. i really like it...its like bright green. and it has all sorts of foreign writing on it.
this is it. i touched up the picture to make it lighter but in the process, it got all grainy. i had to use that picnik site because moms computer picture thing sucks. i miss photoshop. i can't wait for aaron to install it on my new laptop. then i can touch up pictures without destroying them lol. anyways, its a pretty cool jersey. im not sure where or even if i'd wear it, but it's cool to have.
so thats all the excitement i have right now. aaron and i are going out for a romantic evening tonight. i romantic as it can get when theres nothing really to do around here. and as romantic as it can get when both of us hate dressing up. well, i don't HATE it. i just enjoy a fun, casual dinner more than i enjoy a fancy one.
we stayed here and watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus last night and let me tell you what....that is ONE WEIRD MOVIE. i really liked it but it sure was weird. Heath Ledger died in the making of it and you can really tell because his character keeps changing. it makes sense within the movie but its still noticeable. and then we watched The Road. dand i don't really know what to say about it. i cried a lot. like, the whole movie. i felt physically sick. it was excellent quality of movie and the plot was touching and frightening and i don't even know. i am glad i watched it once and i will never watch it again. i dont like things that dehumanize people. it makes me sick. i just don't do well with it. in case you don't know what it is: its that post-apocalyptic story of a man and his son trying to find safety and stay alive. its sad. and horrid. but good.
well, i am going to go floss my teeth. lol.


Maxanna said...

Well- now I waiting to see if the next blog post is from the new laptop?????
And tell Lucas congrats on losing the tooth! Did the tooth fairy visit?

Don said...

Did you get a mac or a pc? Hope you get it soon. It will be real freedom for you and also will be a link to family once you get down here in Cinci.