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Friday, July 23, 2010


    we went to Woolaroc this morning and i was excited to finally be out of the house. we havent done anything fun the whole time we've been here and i just needed something. and THIS was probably the only thing we would be doing. so i got excited and we went. and for a little while it was okay. we saw more animals this time than we ever had. there were Water Buffalo and REAL Buffalo and Bison and they were right up next to the car. that was so cool. and on this picture down here, i did not even zoom in. it was so cool how close they were.  and MANY there were. there was an entire herd right off the road. it was insane. ive never seen that many of ANYTHING at Woolaroc. i would like to take elyse there because she would just be astounded at how beautiful land can be. there really are rolling plains. and little springs like watering holes. its like the watering hole on The Lion King except they are all over the place. like everywhere. and the grass is just the very greenest grass ive ever seen. its so beautiful. and i dont usually appreciate countryside very much. just my very own HoklaHoma. thats what i called it when i was little =]. 
anyways, woolaroc is actually Frank Phillips summer home. hes loaded because hes the whole Phillips 66 Gasoline deal. so he had tons of money and brought herds of animals over to his ranch and let them roam free in the miles and miles he had to himself. so once he died, i guess his family turned it into what it is today. its basically like...miles and miles of free space for the MANY kinds of animals, with springs and rivers and beautiful land and you can drive through it on a paved car path and then at the end is his actual home and its BEAUTIFUL and it looks so amazing and then across the way is a museum with hundreds of native american artifacts and stuffs. its really cool. they also have 

some cowboy stuff in there too. which is how we had a super fun time looking at hundreds of REALLY old guns that are apparently worth a whole huge ton of money. so i have pictures =]. dad said that first gun is probably worth over 40 thousand dollars. its a Coly .45 Revolver and its number 38 of only 200 made. he had a huge amount of the Colt collection. dad said the Colts were the gun that took the west. i think thats pretty cool. especially because they were just so pretty to look at. which is weird because normally only my dad is into that type of thing but all of us enjoyed looking at them. there was a huge variety of handles too. the handles were the coolest part. the next set of guns are awesome. i dont know what all the designs are FOR but they rule. they are like a bunch of flowers and gold trimmed leaves and stuff. its pretty awesome actually. and then the next of them is whatever, but the other one had turquoise embedded in it. thats awesome. especially because our family loves turquoise. thats pretty much our family stone. its a new mexico/ oklahoma thing. anyways, it was just really cool. 

so yeah. i just think they rule. i mean, i know im not a gun person but hey. they are really old. and the collection is huge, it must be worth SO much money. so then we got to the oil and pioneer section and they had this huge plane up hanging from the ceiling. it was pretty awesome. it said Woolaroc on the side of it. 

i just thought it was so pretty. below it was an old Phillips 66 filling station and tanker thing. that was cool as well. its all bright orange =] haha. 
anyways, after that...llike THE MINUTE we stepped into the gift shop, which is what i was looking forward to the whole time....i got sick. i had an episode and it was horrible. and mom took me home and it was awful and i got sick and then i slept it off while they were all having fun. and that was ruined. im so mad. i just wanted to get stuff from the gift shop. or at least a post card for my journal. i am just mad. whatever. 
i feel better now so we aregoing to marylins to feed her cows. yay


Aaron said...

Pretty Pistolas =)
Maybe I should get you one?

Maxanna said...

I loved hearing about Wooloroc. I haven't been since I was a child. Great job telling the "story" of your adventure.
But so sorry you got sick! That's not good at all!
Hope you're as good as new now:)

Lucas said...

Sorry your trip was thwarted. Do WHATEVER you can to remember your meds to prevent those horrid episodes. ICK ICK ICK!

Your sister in pain, AAR