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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For Scotland.

weel, its been a wee bit of a long day. with ool the activitays gooin round 'nd round in me ol' scottish 'ed, tis a miracle in etself that i'm no' de'd o' right down to sleep yet. och, no, ye canno' keep meh down as easy as all tha'.

alright enough of that. but you can see how strange it is, can't you? well good, because that is exactly what my thoughts have sounded like for the past few days. i have been shoulders deep in an amazing book that aarons mom gave me. its called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. its so good. its the first in a series of seven books about a married woman staying in scotland with her husband who kind of...(and not in a cheesy way) travels back to 1743 through a set of ancient stones. its like 800 pages long and you would think.....wouldnt that take forever, and could there possibly be that much interesting stuff in it? i seems like it would be a lot of surrounding and landscape description (like in lord of the rings, UGH.... i LOVE the lord of the rings but i could hardly stand reading all the landscape crap. uggggghhh so boring. ) but it totally isnt. its actually got a fairly small amount of description in it, which is really good. for me, i mean. lol. i just fell in LOVE with this book and the characters in it. i laugh and cry and its just so wonderfully romantic and amazing. i cant wait to read it, all the time. i am constantly reading. it feels good to be buried in a book again.

anyways. now that i am finished describing my current obsession. im trying really hard to get everything worked out for tennessee and to be honest, im doing it by myself. im always the one taking charge and working on details. and yeah, i really wouldnt have it any other way. but it just sucks to always feel like everyone else is carefree whatever about things while im behind the scenes working my ass off to get this whole thing to happen. ive been constantly calling amy and gran and making all the plans and arrangements, getting MY gps fixed (which is expensive), spending endless hours on the internet to find fun things for all of us to do (even though i asked everyone else to help me with one did), figuring out which car we are taking (it will probably end up being MY moms car, which is in the worst working condition. but we will still probably take it because everyone elses parents are unwilling to help at all), and making lists of things we may need for the trip down (i will probably go get all of it by myself). i just feel like everyone is really excited to go but no one is willing to take any responsibilities. and not once has anyone said thanks for getting everything ready. or offered help. or whatever. and maybe they just dont know how much ive been doing. idk. whatever. im just whining. i guess im just really busy this week so its getting to me. i havent even packed yet and we are leaving saturday. i still need to clean my room, take up my laundry, get my itunes playlists ready, go to the store and get stuff, get a new swimsuit, and figure out the car situation. im just stressed.

also. poop. thats all.



Lucas said...

Love the poop face you wee lass you! Drive safely please and can't wait to read all about it!

Anonymous said...

hey that's not fair. i had no idea what you've been doing about this, and drew and i have been making lists like crazy and trying to figure out the situation. but LUCKILY... we're taking our car. so no worries anymore. just relax(:

i love you. i'll see you tomorrow.