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Sunday, August 22, 2010

im here at least.

and by here i mean still living.
elyse is gone and i guess its not that bad. im learning to live without her constant presence. it would be better if i didnt HAVE to learn to live that way, but i do. im nervous about school but at the same time i really just want to start. she starts this week. its so odd to be thinking that once i start, she will already be a month into school.

anyways. i have a new high score on Bejeweled Blitz. is that you have to say for yourself, shelby? seriously? i mean, come on.
i went to the fair.
thats a little better.
i ate and then came home. i cuddled with aaron because he is my love. he means so much to me.

im ready for something new. but i just have this same old work, weekend routine. and im sick of that. i want to go to school. to be in cincinnati and meet my roommates and buy my supplies and pack my stuff.
im ready to start preparing. but its early.



Don said...

But probably no too early to start getting ready. Do you have you class schedule yet? If so have you looked up the books you will need or the class syllabus for your courses? Any idea who your roommate will be? If so have you contacted them to get acquainted? Make list of what you want take with you and keep adding to subtracting from as you think about it more. Do you have insurance on your computer? It's probably the most important thing you will take with you. There is a lot to get done before you leave and the sooner you get organized the better the move will be.

We are looking forward to having you close by.


elyse said...

:( i love you... things'll be okay. i promise. plus, i'm sending you a letter in like, 20 seconds. lol. so... (: that's good.

elyse said...

i love you, sucio.

Maxanna said...

Not too long now! And it is all so exciting! So many new beginnings!
Aunt Max