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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it feels a little better

knowing that people care.
i dont know if people go through phases of awful. if they do, screw that.
im done going through phases of awful.
i have everything going for me right now.
i dont have time for phases.
i have time for
my boyfriend bringing me flowers
making dinner together
drive in movies
tye dying tank tops
packing up bins for college
decorating my new journal
going on bike rides
getting iced cream
sitting on the porch watching the sunset
eating cheeseburgers
making home made funnel cakes
sleeping in
and even watching silly tv shows.

but i dont have time for awful. and i dont have time for sadness or pain.
especially when theres no real reason for it
i've had enough of that this summer and i want it to end. its september now, technically. this is one of my favorite months of the year. and im ready to relax and be happy.

im back. by the way.


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FMC-Girls said...

gonna go to the country
gonna eat a lotta peaches