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Friday, September 3, 2010

oh, great.

things are ruined again. something seems so great and then all of a sudden plans change so much that everything is just ruined. things dont seem fun anymore, they just seem complicated and messy. im sick of being let down. im just ready for things to go the way i hoped. im ready to go to college and forget that plans arent reliable.

im ready to just escape and move on.

im also ready for tonight. im going to the first bluffton home game of the season. i wish i was in eighth grade. everyone used to go to the games back then. everyone i liked. the people i got so excited and dressed up to see. the people i flirted with and talked to and laughed with and looked up to. i miss that.
tonight im going with aaron. =] i hope it will be fun.
then we are going to see Dinner For Schmucks. he has been really excited to see it. i hope its funny. everyone said it was.
i think steve carrell movies are like teenaged chick flicks. really predictable. all his movies have the same humor. but you know what? i always laugh. lol. i like to call them reliable. bad movies are predictable. hilarious steve carrell movies are reliable. =] lol.

anyways. i hope everything goes okay.


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