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Thursday, October 7, 2010

getting down to it.

you are really starting to irritate me.
stuff sucks

im just so ugh. i dont know. today is just one of those days. and you are supposed to be supportive but you do what you always do and just crap all over everything. and then when i think you are done and i can deal with it, you crap all over it again. like as if you totally forgot about when you did it the first time. and then you are so dramatic and stupid. stop forcing yourself to be so dumb. you are just dumb. do you get that? dumb.

you are so dumb.
you are really dumb. 
fo real. 

okay im done.

isnt the comic hilarious? but you know. its so true.

tomorrow i get to come home. maybe that will take my mind off things.



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