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Friday, October 8, 2010

this weekend.

so i totally cant wait to go home tonight.
its going to just be really good. i need a break from campus.
mom said they told the parents at orientation not to call your kids too much or let them come home for a while.
but i think some kids are different than others because im doing just fine. and i dont mind being called, i like it. and i want to come home but not because i hate college or im homesick. i just feel like escaping for a minute, you know? and im sure on sunday night i'll be glad to be back in cincinnati. but for now, im excited to go home.

especially if aarons mom makes beef and noodles.
cereal is my favorite food and i am seriously basking in the amazingness of eating it for almost every meal, but i do miss hot food. lol. im joking, i havent been eating it that much. just like once a day. twice some days. but ive been trying to keep my eating habits healthy and whatnot. its hard sometimes, what with all the goodies i have everywhere and all the good stuff they make in the cafeteria. it really outshines the fruit and veggies. except salad, i have quite a few salads. lol. so its a good thing i love salad that much. AND its a good thing i have pears from amy =]. they are delicious

so this weekend should be fun. bailey dearest is having her very first homecoming, which i am so pumped for. i get to take the pictures for it, too =]. then mom and dad got aaron and i tickets for the browns game on sunday, so we will all four be going. i dont think that we have seats together, but thats okay because we can switch around and stuff. so that will be cool. and theres the game tonight, too. =] im excited for that. and yeah. right now im mostly procrastinating so that i dont have to write a paper, do some sketches, do a drawing, pack up my laundry, clean my room, go to breakfast, pack up stuff to take home. yeah. all of that lol. so whatever. i think i will take care of breakfast first because thats the only one i have even a little bit of motivation for. 


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Lucas said...

Have a great time at home. Kiss Beetle for me and post some of those pics! And a Browns game? FUN! Love you niece and glad you like the pears. There's another little something on it's way to you. :)