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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i love you baby.

but not like i love my Guitar

i feel pretty decent right now except i am currently colder than frozen cat farts.

tonight aaron, joel, and i had dinner with mary, katelyn, and emily. also two of their friends who i really liked. it was fun. we talked about last nights fiasco when caitlin (the one across the hall) walked in on kevin having sex with a girl from the north wing. lol.she flipped out and that was our amusement for the evening. =]

all i really wanna do is play fallout right now but apparently fate has other plans because joel and aaron are playing resident evil 5. which is a poopymcpoopfart because all i am doing is sitting here freezing my hands off. its like 3 degrees in this room. seriously. im afraid my eyebrows are going to frost. i cant wait to get back to my dorm where its normal and not horrible lol.

so yeah i am extra happy right now because i got my project for surface done and my teacher liked it. =] my next project is obsession so i need to figure out what i should be temporarily obsessed with. my goal was to pick it out by tonight but i just dont feel like that is going to work out. we will see. i also need to come up with some ideas about what i am going to make for thanksgiving (grama says cupcakes that look like turkeys. lol) and what i am going to do for aarons birthday. =] i already have some ideas.

sigh. im happy with today. and yesterday. and if i can think up a good obsession, i might just be happy with tomorrow. lol.


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Lucas said...


And dorm sex......ah college! :)