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Friday, November 19, 2010

reading and writing

the days are beginning to mix together a little bit and i just need to go home for break. i really do.
i need a release. not the im stressed. i was a few days ago.
but i just need a break.
i need to bake something delicious and take it to the people i love
and get dressed up and have an amazing thanksgiving with my family
and then with aarons family
because we are in love

i want someone to come home to. someone who i can spend the night with and watch trashy tv shows
someone who will listen to all my secrets and never judge me
or tell anyone
someone who shares my passions
and cares about me
so much
more than anything
and i will care about them
because i have so much love in my heart
that i just dont know what to do with right now.
i dont mean to be pessimistic
but i dont think i will find this

not again


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you can at least bake something awesome and have a great Thanksgiving with us. Beetle will watch trashy shows and you could try to tell me a secret?
I know we will never replace what you had, but I hope you have a good weekend at home anyways. We miss you and are looking forwards to you.... and a little turkey (not talking about Aaron here!) :)