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Monday, November 29, 2010

i want to wake up where you are.

today is a good day because...
its Aarons birthday =] isnt that exciting? i am quite excited to know it.
and finally i can brag about the presents i got him!
i got him a huge nice toaster oven and i hope it works okay. its a good brand and it was a great deal and i think it will be an excellent one. so lets hope. then i got him a beer stein/tankard thing that has a lid. its really cool, i actually just found a picture of it online....
its porcelain with the California Gold Rush scenes in the sides of it. its very cool. i really like the lacing up the handle, too.
anyways, i found it at the Deer Creek Mercantile, which is that old antique store uptown, and i just knew he would love it (which he did). it was old and dusty, so i took it home and polished it up for him and he drank milk out of it while he hate the turtle cheesecake i made him. (turtle as in chocolate, carmel, and nuts. not like green and slow.)

so yeah. nate got him Fallout New Vegas and his parents are fixing up his car for him from the car accident we got in on wednesday. i know, i didnt mention it. it was scary. i didnt think he really wanted me to tell people but then after a few days he seemed okay and i asked him if i could tell my blog and he said it was okay so yeah.

surprisingly, im glad to be back in cincinnati. i mean, i would have had no problem staying home lol. really, i wouldnt have fought to go back. but i missed my roommates and my friends from daap and joel. idk. i just missed the undivided attention too. i had to share aaron with his family this weekend and i know this is going to sound horrible, but thats such a nuissance. lol. i just want him to be with me all weekend. but oh well, i guess. i enjoyed my family and he enjoyed his. but now we are together and its all good.

i have so much to do but for some reason, im not too worried about it anymore. hmmph.

i cant wait for christmas break, though. working at the food store, enjoying the decorations, going uptown to see movies, baileys basketball games, buying people presents. its just a great time of year.
and i will get to watch harry potter 7 part 1 with zach because he pirated it lol.

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