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Saturday, November 27, 2010


okay. so i love being home. i really do. its so nice to just relax and enjoy everyone while im here.
HOWEVER. i still have so much to do. really. the thing im most afraid of is my self portrait for drawing class. i really dont want to do that. i just know that it will end up super poopy and i will be upset. but i guess the most important thing right now is just making sure it all gets done. sigh. right now im working on my scarf for a girl down the hall who i have for secret santa. i hope she likes it....

so anyways, enough with the blah blah.
aarons birthday is on monday and i just know that he is going to love my present =] i just know he is. lol.
i can't wait. he is 23! isnt that crazy? sheesh.

and mom decorated the house for christmas last night and everything looks great. im so excited. i just cant wait until im home for good. sigh.

well. i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. =]


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