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Monday, November 22, 2010

the stuff and stuff and more stuff.

i find that my level of interest in creating an interesting title for my blog entries is slowly decreasing.
i would make a graph or chart of some sort to show you what i mean
but i dont have interest in that either. lol.

so right now i feel strange.
i feel super unmotivated. like all i want to do is sit here and watch stuff on netflix.
which is fine, i guess.
but at the same time.....i need to be working on stuff.

i feel lately
as though im not getting as much love as i need.
and i dont know where its missing from.
i just feel a little downtrodden sometimes
and thats okay
i just...dont know what im trying to say.
i guess what im saying is that i need to envelope myself in something
which right now is pens
and my baby's birthday
both of which, im terrible unprepared to handle at the moment.

i just wish i had some help sorting things out
its all me now
and thats odd
to say the least.
i need that venting
i feel bunched up.


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Lucas said...

I think that feeling of not getting enough love is part of the adjustment to being at school. It's hard to get used to not having your family around. Plus it seems you have been through a "break up" of sorts recently and that's probably a factor too. I'm glad you can acknowledge how you feel. Love and accept yourself for exactly who you are exactly as you are right now in this very moment and know that you are very, very loved.