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Monday, December 20, 2010

compromise and wigs.

truck truck truck

today was the worst day since yesterday.
but i  guess it wasnt as bad as saturday. saturday was the worst day ever, so i don't really think today was that bad.
yeah. thats honestly how ive been rating my days this weekend. it was awful.

AWful. everyone i know is crazy and problematic. lol. including myself. which is why i have decided that we could all use a little cool aid if you know what i mean. lol. ugggh.

but luckily, on SNL, they just had  a commercial for a band called Scrotum Fire. so that makes me feel a little better. lol.

im just filled to the brim with this feeling of stress and pressure. like a thousand little weights on the back of my neck. and i cant make decisions or know how i feel. its so hard to just be.

you know what, though? i think SNL is catering to my mild mannered teenaged needs right now though. (that was a joke, see. mild manneredness is for pansys.)
but no, really. eminem is the musical guest. he is amazing lol.
hes the cutest white nerd to ever be sexy.
does that make sense? idk but i think hes kinda cute. and by kinda i mean yeah lol cute.

im talking about eminem because im avoiding everything else that i should be talking about, you know?
lately ive decided to be my normal articulate self again and so far its working out relatively well. i mean, i'm just getting back into it so its not 100% yet, but its a start.
im tired of letting song lyrics and obsolete onomonopia's control the portrayal of my feelings. so i have decided to use words again.

the only problem is that i don't actually know how i feel. so i don't actually know what to say about it.


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