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Saturday, December 25, 2010

you'll listen to it twice.

you are my sweetest downfall
i loved you first, i loved you first beneath
the stars came falling on our hats
but they're just old light
they're just old light
you're hair was long when we first met

Christmas seems to get less enjoyable each year. i begin to notice how obnoxious our family is at times, you know? the kids running around screaming and opening presents. its not each individual cousin or sibling, its them as a whole. and i love them. but i dont think i can do this forever, you know? its not really how i was christmas to be forever.
but it was a good birthday for jesus. we praised him in our house. i had fun with my family and with aarons and now i am utterly pooped because i dont have any more energy in me to cook, bake, clean, wrap, shop, write, take pictures, sing, open, or smile. its exhausting being so busy. i havent gotten an adequite amount of sleep in a week, at least. i am afraid this situation is going to be one of those where i am up all the time here and then i go back to cinci and sleep for 17 hours in a row. that would be welcomed. especially if its after a nice evening of celebratory partying with my friends and then i watch desperate housewives and the food channel for hours. that sounds wonderful.

i just feel melancholy. and maybe its her. or maybe its anyone else that it could be. because it really could be. but i guess my new phone and new trunk help. oh, and also my three new Regina Spektor CDs with the semi-automatic handgun earbuds that i am listening to them with. lol. those things help. i should get some sleep, we are going to cleveland in the morning to see a browns game and the rock and roll hall of fame and stuffs.

oh, hey, btw. this is a christmas cookie i decorated. mom tried to make a little man but something happened to him and he looked crazy and handicapped, so i decorated him accordingly. i call him Car Crash Carlton.

so yeah, anyways. happy holidays everyone.



Lucas said...

LOVE the cookie. LOVE!

Love you too Shelbs.

lil sis said...

I love the cookie too... might be one of the best. Next year maybe you should bring earplugs to Christmas, or just hold out one more year and you can stat drinking with the rest of us adults. That how we cope....