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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i love milk

apparently my milk-drinking is not as big of a secret as i thought it might be lol.

anyways, right now im home watching tv and being a lazy ass.
honestly, i really wish aaron didnt have to work so much because its really odd not seeing him all the time.

i feel like i started out this blog being intelligent and i had things to say and now ive just lost all hope for the part of my brain that controls Intellectual Human Speak. because, yes, that is a part of the brain. its labelled that like a little filing cabinet. bah.

i feel like christmas is creeping up on me faster than i ever could have imagined. its insane, actually. i haven't even taken care of even one tiny bit of my christmas shopping (well, maybe the tiniest bit) and i have a lot of money to spend but i dont really have any idea what to spend it on. its a difficult thing but i guess it will all work out like it usually does. i need to start crocheting because i have a lot of that to do. =]

i wonder what will happen, you know.


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