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Saturday, December 11, 2010

why thank you, mrs. kensington.

i have never
been so glad to be home
been on such good standing with aarons friends
been so sure of how i feel
been so pleasantly surprised
been so ready for the holidays
been so relieved that i can do crafty projects
been so excited
for life.

don't worry, guys....
i got this.

i love to be able to say how i feel. and i love to be in this complacent spot. im not overly happy for events or upcoming things, but im not sobbing in my sleep every night anymore. im not as unstable as i used to a little more grounded. and ive changed and i think its good. ive got keys on my key chain and video games to play and christmas cards to make and hot chocolate to drink. ive got self confidence and friends. and this holiday, not everything is the way it used to be. and that sucks. but im dealing with it. things are always hard. but things arent always unstable.


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Anonymous said...

that makes me feel happy on the inside