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Friday, December 3, 2010

i'm content right now.

im working on my obsession project while watching the food channel in aarons room while he plays fallout down stairs. i got along with ken today. and i look cute. i got a new ID because the picture on my old one sucks and i kinda lost it. my picture on this one is much better =]

i like the way my project is coming along and everything. part of my project includes my blog Inked. its on my profile. im enjoying it =] its the most fun project all year.

sighsighsigh. want to see my self portrait? i did it as a project for drawing. i feel like im getting much better and i honestly enjoy the class. i free hand drew it and everything, which is so great because i honestly dont have a lot of drawing ability. or i didnt use to....
anyways. i really enjoyed making it. my teacher really liked it too. there was only a few that he talked about more than mine. 

i feel like....i was completely right. by the way. 
you should have taken my advice
because i really like her
and she reminds me....
well, you know. 
silly me. 
hopefully things just work out in the end. the way i want them to. =]

<3 turning into the typical college kid. up till 4 am with my floor in the dorm. everyone is out playing eukre and giving each other sharpie tattoos. missy and i always working on our projects and hanging out with the boys. yeah. its fun and im soaking it up. it took a bit for me to find my groove but i think im really getting the hang of it all. it couldnt be better, honestly. 

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Anonymous said...

Your portrait looks great.... and I miss you.