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Sunday, January 9, 2011

college, yo.

im glad to be back in  cincinnati. i know ive said that but its true. ive spent a whole week here after break and its been a great week. i went to a highlighter party friday night and it was so fun. i took Missy and oh my gosh we had a blast =]. AS you can see......

anyways, that was a ton of fun. and then today we made cupcakes together and it was fun. =] we did it while we were taking a break from our cardboard project. which, btw, is intense. lol. i have to do so friggin much for it, its so dumb. i apparently got exasperated today because i almost died on the cardboard. lol. this is all the cardboard that me and missy have. its crazy.

so basically i should be doing my homework for my ancient greece class but im hanging out with missy. weeee.

so yeah.
dorms rule.

im happy.


and then we made these delicious chocolate cuppy cakes =]  i know they look gross and goopy but my camera was discolored cause the lighting was weird. really, they were chocolate cupcakes made with her new mini cupcake maker and then we heated up the icing and drizzled it over because we didnt have a lot of it. but it was soooooo delicious because they were all moist and chocolatey. this was the perfect way to take a break from cardboard.


Lucas said...

I love that picture. I see not only you in there, but your mom, your Aunt Tracy and your cousin Katie. I love those kinds of pictures when you can see family all wrapped around each other, past, present, future, all in the same smile or twinkle of an eye. LOVE!!!!

And I can't wait to see what you are making with all that cardboard. Please keep posting on that. Progress pics plus final result if you don't mind.

Glad you are having fun Shelbs. College really rocks if you let it in and enjoy the experience.

Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

the cupcakes look awesome! Go study your Greece, not the GREEK!!!
<3 mom