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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and other stuff thats new.

so i guess today (yesterday) is the first day of 2011. im okay with that.
not that i would have a choice. but i guess thats okay. i have decided that i need something to work towards this year

Problem: i don't know what that something is.

but i dont think im going to rush myself. im not going to worry about starting today. that would be a little reckless. not that reckless is a problem....its just not what i want right now. thinking of getting my septum pierced. i know theres a stigma around it. so i hope you all keep an open mind. no one (except frank and actually ken a little bit) has been supportive.

so there. thats what i think. its not my only thought. i was also thinking maybe eyebrow or regular nose. but idk. for some reason, i keep thinking......


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Anonymous said...

I would take you for a tattoo if you dont do the septum.