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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


this is what i want my house to be like but ALL OVER THE HOUSE.
i feel good about having an apartment next year. i bet i wont get much decorating genius done but thats okay. i will try my hardest.

so today is a really stupid day. i was hoping to see aaron tonight but he spent 4 hours with his friends instead.
and its like

i understand
that he has delta chi stuff.
but it only lasted an hour.
maybe an hour and a half
and then the rest of the time, im sure they were just goofing off and whatever.
and that upsets me because i was just sitting here waiting for him to finish. i didnt even go eat dinner because i thought he would wanna go with me.
so thats just stupid.
but i will try not to complain about it.

sigh. ive spent all evening on Stumble. i love it, honestly. i was hoping i wouldnt because it kind of consumes my life lol.
this is how i wish i felt right now. but i dont. i feel all uncomfortable and dumb. ugh. i feel like such a slug today. its awful. 



Lucas said...

Holy Hannah! LOVELOVELOVE that image and how you use it to describe how you wish you felt. I love the way your brain works Shelbs.

lil sis said...

What is stumble?
And if you feel like a slug.... go to Zumba. It made you feel good. You should do things that make you feel good.
I love you!