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Sunday, January 23, 2011

so basically...

im not in the mood to blog
or you or anything.

but i guess i will tell you about the important stuff so that you can at least know whats up.

i hate one of my classes and i am boycotting the project until probably tomorrow or tuesday, when i will suddenly panic and do it quickly and hate it. story of my life. when i dont enjoy something, i can never make myself do it.

im excited to live in an apartment. i really am. i hope everything works out okay.

i miss my family but im not in the mood to go home...weird, huh?

aaron is almost officially a Delta Chi. i know its a long time coming, but he finally has time and money. hes going straight to alumni. but im glad hes doing it.

and other things.

im so tired. i had a nap today but i wish i had like 40 naps today.

so yeah.



lil sis said...

jealous.... I did not have a nap and I wish I could have 40 naps too.

Lucas said...

You can become a fraternity member even after you graduate??? How does THAT work?

And yeah, bring on the 40 naps here too! *yawn*