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Friday, January 14, 2011

ugg and other onomonopia's describing my life.

i always screw things up lol.
and what possibly COULD have been great, ended up being weird for everyone because i got way too excited and hopeful.
see heres the thing
i was all
joel+elyse= yayyyy
and joel was all ew.
and then now im all
and joel is interested and missy is interested and that slight spark of interest was just so crazy and exciting for me that my tiny brain could not comprehend it faster than my actions could act on it and i kinda went nuts and got rushy and pushy and blah. so we will see.

but we went to go see Season Of The Witch tonight and i liked it =] so that was fun.
im extra tired right now but i think today was a decent day.


actually, im not so sure about what i just said. today wasnt that great. ive been fighting a lot with aaron and i dont know why.
we just need to have some us time. i've been having a lot of bonding time with everyone but him lately. and i know that. but for some reason, i just feel like i dont like who he is anymore.i feel like he changed. and maybe he didnt....but i hope he did. because if he did, that means it was a conscious thing that changed that can be fixed. but if he didnt change

well. idk.


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lil sis said...

You know, sometimes I feel like that with dad and it's usually just because we don't spend enough time together, then he acts funny, then I react and withdraw and get mad then..... its all yuck. No matter how much you love each other and how long you are together, time together is ALWAYS important. As soon as you quit making sure that happens, things start getting bad. And men can be very jealous of anything else that takes up your time!
Love you.