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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

lemonaid for lunch.

its weird how the beginning of my day can be so great and then just a few things can happen and all of the sudden everything is pissing me off.

but class today was good. we talked about food in america. it inspired me to do stuff. im not sure what stuff exactly, but stuff. i will talk to aaron about it tonight. but we have a lot of documentaries to watch this week over the food industry in the united states. i think im interested in reading books on it too. hmmm.

but idk. i dont really want to talk about the things that make me angry because i could say all the things in the world and that still wouldnt fix the problem. i just need to talk about it with the person who angers me. but i dont want to. and i probably wont.


because it makes me uncomfortable and im not interested in taking a stand for how i feel about things with certain people. ive found that im much more passive now. i dont even argue in class anymore about things. i dont even like to listen to other people argue because i just hate listening to opinions i dont agree with. theres a lot of stupid people in the world and ive kind of decided that its no use fighting with them.

maybe thats why i wont confront her.



Lucas said...

It's about priorites Shelbs. I find myself biting my tongue unless it's something that really matters to me. If the person who has upset me is worth the confrontation, worth the possible argument because the relationship is IMPORTANT to me, then I might say something. But I have zipped my lip on many occasions because I thought what I had to say wouldn't change the other person. As long as you are giving thought at to WHY you are or aren't confronting someone then you should be able to live without those kind of "I wish I'd said something" regrets. Follow your heart. It always leads you in the right direction. I love you. AAR

lil sis said...

I might kinda like that new not wanting to fight part of you. I am sorry you are still hurting about her. I love you and want you to be happy.